First and Last Name:
Hisham Allam
Academic title:
PhD, Master Degree - General Surgery, MBChB
Current position title within HMC:
Hospital and Department name:
Hamad General Hospital, Bariatric Surgery

  •  PhD - General Surgery(1998)

  •  Master Degree, General Surgery (1992)

  •  MBChB (1986)


  • 13/7/2002 – till now:appointed as consultant General & Bariatric surgery, Hamad Medical City. Doha– Qatar. (1000 beds)

  • 1/4/2000 – 29/7/2001:appointed as consultant General surgery, Alhassan national hospital. Taif – KSA. (77 beds)

  • 1/6/1999 – 15/3/2000:appointed as consultant General surgery, Alhoreya specialized hospital, Heliopolis – Cairo (150 beds)    

  • 10/2/1999 – 30/5/1999:appointed as fellow General surgery, Alsahel teaching hospital, GOTIH – Cairo (600 beds) (GOTIH = general organization for teaching institutes and hospitals)

  • 1/5/1994 – 9/2/1999:appointed as specialist General surgery, Alsahel teaching hospital, GOTIH – Cairo (600 beds)

  • 2/5/1993 – 30/4/1994:appointed as specialist General surgery, Liver institute - Menofia university (200 beds)

  • 1/4/1992 – 1/5/1993:appointed as visitor resident General surgery, Ain Shams university (1000 beds)                   

  • 1/ 3/1988 – 16/3/1992:appointed as resident General surgery, Menofia university hospitals (800 beds) 1/3/1987 – 29/2/1988: Complete the internship, two months each specialty, viz general surgery internal medicine Gynecology & obstetric general pediatric ophthalmology orthopedic & emergen At Cairo university hospitals.


Bariatric Surgery – General Surgery


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